Sunday, May 10, 2009

Louie Ramírez - 1964,1965,1966,1967,1968 -N.Y.C.

"Introducing Louie Ramirez" - 1964
(his first LP as a leader)

"Good News" - 1965

"Latin Au Go Go" - 1965

"Vibes Galore" - 1966

"In the Heart Of Spanish Harlem" -1967
Vinyl LP on Mercury

An often underrated LP, with 'Mark Weinstein' on trombone.
'Rudy Calzado', 'Willie Torres' & 'Bobby Marin': vocal's.
"Puchi" Bulong': trumpet.
"De candela",

"Ali Baba" - 1968
In my opinion this 1968 LP unfortunately was the end of a great era of Louies.